You Should Encourage Patient Stories in Social Media?

You Should Encourage Patient Stories in Social Media?

Sharing testimonials on Google, Facebook and other social media is becoming a common strategy used in marketing outreach within the healthcare sector.

Inspired Patients

Perhaps because these stories are even more relatable for patients contemplating a surgical treatment or procedure when they read of another person’s experience. And since patients can be inspired by others’ successes, it can be an effective way to engage potential patients.

Sharing Economy

In the sharing economy good news has real currency and in health, happy patients sharing their experiences has significant benefits for your practice.

Here are a few things to know before you post:

  1. Always use separate social media accounts for personal and business use
  2. Maybe discourage patients from sharing detailed medical information on your pages
  3. Ensure that you and your practice staff are properly trained and are aware of the potential consequences of social posts including sharing of photographs, or any form of personal health information

Insurance Clause

Nowadays, we hear more often stories of patients threatening doctors with poor reviews and others posting inaccurate comments after a discount has not been rendered on their bill. While these actions are inscrutable, they can be very damaging to your practice.

Even if it has not happened to you yet, the occurrence of this behavior is rising and taking action early is a low cost insurance.

At YPO we have systems for promoting more positive reviews from happy patients.

A Gift That Keeps on Giving

Having many positive Reviews not only helps patients on their decision journey it also helps with your Google ranking.

Social media is a powerful tool for sharing information, sharing experiences, and potentially expanding your practice.

As long as you’re compliant with what you share in social media, patient testimonials can be a powerful tool for your practice.

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