• The 4 Social Media Mistakes That Doctors Make

    You may not think too much about e-marketing or social media, but you should know that social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools today for most practices, including surgeons..

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  • Can a Blog Help Grow My Practice

    Today, more and more healthcare professionals have blogs, and there are good reasons for that. Google loves content and if a blog helps patients by answering their questions, your content will keep on attracting more visitors and patients.

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  • Who See Your Facebook Posts

    It may surprise you that not every single one of your followers is going to see your Facebook posts.

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  • Practice Apps are Trending

    There are five times as many mobile phone users in the world as there are desktop computers!. There’s no question that mobile internet usage is multiples greater than desktop internet usage.

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  • You Should Encourage Patient Stories in Social Media?

    Sharing testimonials on Google, Facebook and other social media is becoming a common strategy used in marketing outreach within the healthcare sector.

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